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Welcome to the School of Practical Philosophy, Cape Town

The aim of this Philosophy is to discover what lies at the core or our being, to discover the Self. It seeks answers to the perennial questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is this creation, this universe?
  • What is my relationship to it?

Through the systematic and practical exploration of these questions, students of the school find increased awareness, deeper meaning, harmony, contentment and a greater sense of the connectedness of all things in their lives. The ultimate aim is realisation of the Self and a balanced and useful life.

The School draws its material from a range of deep universal teachings expressed through various philosophical traditions, thinkers and writers, both eastern and western, and explores, in particular, the underlying unity and joy found at the heart of many traditions. This is expressed by the philosophical concept of Advaita (literally “not two”).

The School is a non-profit organisation. None of its tutors receive any remuneration for teaching. Students' fees pay for premises, administration, advertising, etc. The knowledge belongs to no one. It is freely passed on. It is a working principle of the School that tutors always remain students of their subject and attend their own philosophy groups once a week. The School is governed by a constitution and administered by an annually-elected executive committee.

Students come from all walks of life, some content to attend for only a short period, and some who continue to reap the benefits of pushing deeper over many years.

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